Parhit Samaj Seva Sanstha

Struggle of Youth Group Ensures Wages

Vamna is a village about 7 km from Pichhor development block in Shivpuri district. Vamna has a hamlet Shejpur, where Saharia tribals reside. The total population of Sarharias is 380 in 32 families.

In September Sarpanch of Devkheda village came to Shejpura and engaged 50 tribals to pluck his private khandas. The tribals plucked 70,000 khandas, but did not pay on the pretext of khanda counting. When the organisational worker Vijay Adivasi came to the village he saw dejected villagers and enquired from them the matter. Vijay suggested them to contact and complain to the Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer and the Sarpanch would come and make payment. Viay wrote an application, got signatures and thumb impression, and accompanied the villagers to the CEO. On hearing complaint, the CEO said that the sarpanch would make payment. Four days later the sarpanch came and disbursed wages worth Rs 40,000, and promised to pay the balance after a few days. When there was delay, the labourers contacted him only to be told that there were no dues.

Now the labourers again contacted the CEO, and the CEO again repeated the same thing. But this time the sarpanch took his own sweet time. He again said that to count khandas and the labourers complied. Now he made payment within three days.

This has emboldened the youth. Now they do not back out for struggling for their rights and community. Lovingly this youth group is addressed as cricket team by the villagers.