Parhit Samaj Seva Sanstha

Villagers Take a Vow for Water Conservation

The Rev village located about 28 km from Datia is located on Hatlai link road adjacent to Dinara road. The village has 175 families, whose main occupation is agriculture and animal husbandry.

Like most of the villages in the area, Rev village had acute drinking water as water table was low and aquifers had high nitrate concentration. This village was taken up under the Water Aid supported project. To ensure drinking water availability and improving falling water table, a proposal was put before the Village Water and Sanitation Committee that water be detained in the nullah passing through the village by constructing some structures and ground water was recharged. For this it was proposed that the farmers near whose fields gabion structure will be constructed will give cash contribution, which will be used for deepening pond near school. Rain water from the village is collected in this pond. All members agreed to the proposal.

The four field owners contributed Rs 500 each and total contribution Rs 2,000 was used for deepening the well.  Two gabion structures and 28 roof water harvesting structures were constructed.

Now the village is moving towards water sustainability.