Parhit Samaj Seva Sanstha

Panchayat Strengthening

panchayat strengthening

Under panchayat strengthening, capacity of representatives from reserved classes is being built so as to link them with mainstream of development. This also involves building capacities of voluntary workers, gram sabha members, government officials and employees, local natural leadership, resource persons, community and community based organisations.

Panchayat strengthening also involves:

  • Strengthening standing committees of gram sabhas and panchayats
  • Strengthening/promoting local information system so as to ensure access of local people over information and knowledge
  • Making gram sabha and panchayats sensitive to dalits and gender discrimination so as to ensure effective participation of these classes
  • Identifying and analysing issues for policy level changes
  • Promoting mutual faith and transparency at village level by following processes like participatory social evaluation